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Anal Beads have always been a popular sex toy for girls as well as guys. The fun comes for a number of reasons when using anal beads. Firstly there is the obvious pleasure that inserting anal beads gives. Most usually anal bead sex toys start with smaller diameter balls and gradually increase in size as more are inserted. This obviously gives a feeling of more fulfilment the deeper they go and there is the added challenge of actually inserting the anal beads and then removing them – usually slowly and gradually as a key part of the sexual pleasure, especially if using the anal beads with a partner. Anal beads come in a variety of sizes and colors and are usually rubber or soft plastic finish to ease insertion and use. People may buy different sizes of anal beads subject to their experience and requirements when using them. One of the key pleasures of anal beads is the slow and gradual insertion one by one, especially if this is being delivered by a sexual partner, and the other element that offers much excitement is the slow and gentle removal of anal beads and the visual impact that this has on both parties. Many men also enjoy the pleasure that anal beads gives them, either with a partner or using them on their own. Anal beads are manufactured to be ‘A Sexual’ so any shape or size or color is all that you need to choose. There is a huge selection of anal beads available to buy online at love-toys. Different sizes, shapes and colors of anal beads all available with ultra-rapid delivery anywhere in the UK. Long or short run anal beads, thin delicate anal beads or large diameter anal beads for increased stimulation and pleasure. Browse our website and choose your anal beads with fun and confidence.