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Anal toys come in a wide and diverse range and the butt plug is perhaps the best known of all. Anal pleasure has long been recognized and many girls, as well as guys, love the fulfilling feeling that butt plugs offer them. But plugs can be used alone, in combination with a vibrator or dildo or inserted during traditional sex. Not only do they feel great when inside but when used in a girl they have the effect of tightening the vagina which gives the guy a heightened sense of pleasure during traditional intercourse.
Butt plugs come in a variety of sizes, textures and colors to suit the user’s moods. Some people prefer a slim and streamlined butt plug that stimulates when deep inside, whilst other people see butt plugs as something of a challenge and enjoy something a little bigger if, indeed a lot bigger. Butt plugs for guys or girls can be used alone or with a partner and a lot of people like to see the effect that a butt plug has on their partner as well as the visual experience that comes from seeing a butt plug being used and fully inserted.
Most butt plugs are smooth plastic or rubber in material and come in a variety of exciting colors from flesh like to black and through a full range of bright and naughty colors including red and yellow. Some are tapered gradually whilst others announce their intention rather rapidly by increasing in girth very quickly, presenting a nice challenge to some users. Love Toys has a huge selection of butt plugs available for your sexual pleasure, all available to buy online with next day delivery available in most cases. Buy with confidence and enjoy the ensuing fun that you will get from your adult sex toys from Love toys