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Nipple clamps are an exciting addition to any bedroom sex toy collection, especially where a little light bondage is enjoyed by the couple. Nipple clamps are, as expected tiny clamps that attach to (usually) erect nipples to give both a visually exciting impact as well as stimulating the girls (or guys) nipples during sexual activities. Nipple clamps can be plastic or metal and come in a variety of sizes and colors. Some have attachments to them to make them more interesting and exciting, such as little chains or feathers. Usually attached to erect nipples as a start to sexual activities and often used with light bondage clothing or as a part of a bondage sex session, nipple clamps stimulate and excite both parties when used. You can buy a variety of nipple clamps from Love Toys for next day delivery across the UK. Most have adjustable clamp tightness to increase the pinching effect and stimulation that this delivers to all of the nipple area. Some of our nipple clamps offered for sale on our website have chains hanging from the clamps. These can be used to add additional weights to stretch the nipples whilst being pulled, again heightening sexual pleasure for many people. Available in a variety of plastics as well as metal materials, nipple clamps are an integral element of any bondage scene in the bedroom and offer a thrilling sexual experience for the wearer and their partner. Men, as well as women, enjoy the thrilling pinching experience that nipple clamps deliver all throughout the time of wearing and usually for a prolonged period after the removal of the nipple clamps. Open up a new area of sexual activity with light bondage and nipple clamps. Wearing or applying them to your partner can be a highly erotic and satisfying sexual experience.