Sex Toys or A real Sex Partner?

The choice between sex toys or a real sex partner may seem initially quite straight forward. But in reality, there are advantages to both that need to be considered. Firstly for example, what does sex with a real sex partner cost in comparison to using sex toys? Needless to say, a real sex partner will want wining and dining and all of the associated requirements that they need to ‘get them in the mood’. Then, with a real sex partner, there is the requirement of your partner to consider, not just your own pleasure. This is ok if you are a particularly generous lover but sometimes we just want our own pleasure, nice and quick and easy. So if you’re not a great conversationalist and just fancy some quick and immediate pleasure then a real sex partner can be quite a challenge.
Conversely, sex toys offer immediate and private excitement and pleasure, when you want and where you want. Totally without the hassle of wining and dining, no getting dressed up and scenting your body. No waiting on your partner to get ready or having to pick her up. And with sex toys, there is no backchat or refusal to do what you want to do, when you want to do it. Simply start when you are in the mood and ready, and continue for as long as you want to. When you are done you are done, there is no one else to have to worry about. And once you buy and own your sex toys they can be used time and time again, at your discretion and depending on your mood.
So, like many other things in life you pay your money and take your choice. Sometimes though it’s just nice to only have to think about yourself and your own fun.

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