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Ladies sex toy vibrators have been around for many years and need little introduction. Probably the best known and most popular of all sex toys ever made and sold, the ladies personal vibrator has long been an important companion to lonely ladies or has been a key part in a couples lovemaking sessions. Originally flesh colored, hard plastic and almost resembling a medical instrument, ladies vibrators are now available in a huge array of colors, textures and sizes. The creativity built into the designs of modern vibrators opens up a whole new world of potential stimulation that started with the infamous Rabbit vibrator and has evolved into many exciting and interesting designs that allow stimulation that traditional vibrators could never get close to. Vibrators were most used traditionally by women in private. There was a certain taboo to owning a vibrator, let alone using one. However, as views and attitudes have liberated significantly over the years, along with girls’ sex parties where they would demonstrate then buy vibrators, the Internet has brought a revolution in vibrator use to such an extent that most women are at least aware of vibrators if indeed they do not own one. Many women own a number of different vibrators that offer different stimulation. These can be selected depending on the situation and the ladies mood. If she is looking for quick discreet relief that a standard vibrator will probably be the most appropriate, with stronger vibration control. However, if she is with a partner and wants something a little longer and more sensual then vibrating wands or rabbits offer something a little different. Love Toy has a huge range of vibrators to suit every desire as well as everyone’s budget. Browse the adult vibrators and choose which style, texture and colors most appeal. Then order with confidence and look forward to your exciting new vibrator arriving for hours of pleasure.