Bullets and Eggs

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Welcome to the exciting world of bullets and eggs. A whole new dimension to sexual fun either alone or with your partner. Eggs and bullets are vibrating devices of varying sizes and textures designed to give heightened sexual pleasure when applied to the clitoris or used internally. Many have a vibration control to increase or decrease intensity to suit the mood. Eggs and bullets are very discreet and can be used by ladies (or guys) without anyone being aware of them. The possibilities that this opens up is as exciting as the users' imagination. While away a long flight with your own discreet personal pleasure, or dare you go to work with your bullet or egg already in place. When the going gets tough, the flick of a button can bring a whole new dimension to the workplace. Needless to say, eggs and bullets come in different shapes and sizes to suit the ladies’ needs. Some girls will like something a little more on the larger size to give them a more satisfying and fulfilling experience whilst some girls like a smaller and more sensitive feel, Many girls use eggs and bullets just as a tiny vibrator for clitoral stimulation, either in bed or nestled in their knickers between their legs for a lovely background buzz. One very exciting and popular bullet is the remote control vibrating egg or bullet. Designed with a remote control that can increase or decrease the intensity of vibrations either by the girl herself or by her partner. It can be great to have that feeling of control over your partner when together but even more exciting for some people is the full remote control egg or vibrating bullet that can be controlled remotely. If partners are separated by many miles the egg or toy can be inserted and operated by her partner many miles away. Fully interactive and digital lovemaking for the 21st Century.