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The dildo has long been a mainstay of many women’s sex toy collection. Effectively a plastic or rubber penis substitute, the dildo is used by the lady for the ultimate internal stimulation. There are times when a delicate vibrator or love egg are great but simply not enough, and the feeling of being satisfied in the most natural way is when a woman appreciates a dildo. Obviously, dildos’ come in a wide array of shapes, sizes and colors which also adds to many women’s fantasy and erotic excitement. Some dildos’ are harder plastic and some are rubber and more flesh-like in feel. The size is obviously down to the woman’s preference, which includes thickness as well as length. Many women have admitted that they underestimate their requirements when in the throes of sexual excitement and wish that they had chosen something a little larger than they had anticipated. Dildos’ are great for solo use or use with a partner. The girl can satisfy herself in her own way and speed when using a dildo on her own. Also when using a dildo with her partner she can let her partner exercise an element of control over her pleasure which will give a feeling of a sub/dom experience. Gently teasing and managing pleasures can be highly exciting for both parties. At Love Toys we have a huge selection of dildos’ to suit all ladies and their pockets. From small flesh colored penis replicas to larger colored dildos’ some smooth and sleek, others textures and ribbed to give even more pleasure. Great value dildos’ available online for ultra-fast delivery along with discreet packaging, our range of dildo sex toys for sale has everything that anyone could possibly want. Enjoy your browsing and enjoy the experiences after delivery.